Support our children and families with a donation towards summer camp!

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$910 towards $2,500

We are in the midst of another big summer here at Chambliss Center for Children! A program like ours is especially important to the community because summertime is the most dangerous time of the year for children. The rates of injury and delinquency dramatically increase during these months when kids are out of school and parents aren't always around to supervise them. We provide a safe, structured environment for children to enjoy their summer, giving parents peace of mind while they are working or in school. In addition to safety, our summer camp offers new opportunities, educational activities, and loads of fun!

As always, we will have swimming, art, and tennis, but we have a lot of new things in store for the children as well. We are adding yoga, volleyball, and music classes to this year's activities! And, we are increasing the number of field trips this summer to provide more new experiences for our children. They are really going to have a fun summer!

Your help in making this all happen is crucial. We need your support to cover the costs of lifeguards, art supplies, meals, buses for field trips, and much, much more.It's a large undertaking, but the safety and enrichment of our children are worth it.