Levi's Mitzvah Project

Starts: March 1 @ 12:00PM     Ends: April 30 @ 12:00PM

Read below to hear why Levi wants to raise money to help Chambliss Center for Children care for hundreds of children! Choose one of the donation options below or click on "donate" in the bottom right corner of the page to give an amount of your choosing.

Join Levi in supporting Chambliss Center for Children!

Healthy Meals

This is the cost of meals for one day for three children.


Wooden Blocks

This amount would cover the cost of one set of wooden blocks.


A Place to Sleep

Children who spend their nights with us need a cot and blanket!



This is the cost of one heavy-duty tricycle for children to ride on the playground.


Transportation (2 days)

We provide transportation to and from school for our school-aged children.


Learning Table

This amount would cover a table and chairs for art, puzzles, and more!


Hi, I'm Levi, and I volunteer at the Chambliss Center for Children in the night dismissal room once a week. The reason I am doing this is because I am about to have my bar mitzvah. A bar mitzvah is when a Jewish boy turns thirteen and officially becomes a Jewish man. One of the core Jewish values is tikkun olam, which means repairing the world. As part of this commitment I have been volunteering at Chambliss since last September and instead of receiving gifts for my bar mitzvah, I am asking that my family and friends consider making a donation to help support the amazing work that Chambliss does. Thank you!

To learn more about Chambliss Center for Children, visit www.ChamblissCenter.org.

Event Location

315 Gillespie Road
Chattanooga, TN 37411

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